Paradise Lanka – 6 Days

DAY 01 – Colombo / Pinnawala / Habarana

Meet friendly escort at the airport and be swept off to the small town of Habarana, the main hub of action in North Central Sri Lanka. Make a stop by the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and cuddle with baby elephants.

If you love the idea of little baby elephants frolicking freely, then this is your kind of place. Pinnawala is among the worlds largest elephant sanctuaries and home to deserted or orphaned elephants. With around 90 elephants of all ages roaming about, take your time to observe these majestic creatures and bottle-feed one of the little cuties. One of the most spectacular sights here is the daily elephant bath, where the elephants are all herded off into the nearby river to splash around to their hearts content.

DAY 02-Habarana / Sigiriya / Kandy

Yawn your way down to breakfast and gorge yourself on a very large, very full breakfast plate. Then it’s time to go climbing up the country’s most well-known national heritage site.

Sigiriya, sometimes hailed as the worlds eighth wonder has a story going back as far as the 5th century AD. Constructed to be the apex of power and home to the genius King Kasyapa, this massive rock fortress shows off some of the worlds finest architecture and engineering. Climb right up to the top to be rewarded with a magical view of the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

After you’ve got your breath back, it’s time to get going to the picture-perfect mountain city of Kandy. Make a stop by the super-fragrant spice gardens of Matale. Here you can check out the fabulously famous Sri Lankan spices at their home. With the demand for Sri Lankan spices only increasing over the centuries, these goodies will continue to be a popular export for a long while yet.


Settle for a gargantuan meal and go adventuring in scenic Kandy.

Take in the colorful views, breathe in the fresh air and set your feet on the cobble-stoned paths of the final capital to ever be ruled by the Sri Lankan Kings. There’s always plenty to see in Kandy, the beautiful hilltop city of light and culture. Starting off with the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the Kandy Lake and the mystical monasteries are just a handful of the attractions that make the city so popular among holiday makers.

Glinting gold and pearl with the rays of the rising sun, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic houses the single most important relic of Sri Lanka’s religious history, a tooth of the Buddha himself. The chambers containing the well-guarded relic are open to Buddhist advocates and tourists alike.

Indulge yourself in the stunning sights of the Upper Lake Drive and even the Market square. Dig around the towns little boutiques to find some fine trinkets, treasures and souvenirs definitely worth a few of your bucks.


Wrap the day up with a bang as you feast your senses on Kandy’s famous cultural show. The Kandy Folk Show displays some truly amazing historical dances brought to you from generations past. The show reaches its climax with an impressive fire walking ceremony that will take your breath away.

After the fiery showdown, float away to sleep on the softest of Kandyan beds and dream of elephants and dances.

DAY 03 - Kandy / Nuwara Eliya

Roll over, yawn and catch a few more Zzzs before toeing down to a warm herculean breakfast. Then it’s time to head off to Nuwara Eliya, the picturesque mountain town of flowers and horses.

Make a stop at the Peradaniya Royal Botanical Gardens to bask in an endless assortment of fragrant flowers in every direction. Feel free to walk around this cosmic floral paradise, filled with rare and endemic flower species from one end to the other. Once you’re done seeing the best of Peradaniya, including the exotic garden of spices and the orchid house here, it’s time to get back on the road.

Go on with the journey to NUwara Eliya with a stop by the stunning Ramboda falls. Make another stop by a tea factory for the freshest cup of tea you’ve ever had. Delectably sweet and perfectly fresh off the green mountains, you’ll be asking for seconds before you know it. Chill here awhile and set out on the remaining leg of the journey to Nuwara Eliya.


Say hello to the loveliest of Sri Lanka’s old colonial towns. Past the gossamer curtains of gentle mists, Nuwara Eliya is a delightful little hill top haven with a distinct old England feel to it. Buildings from colonial times, beautiful rose gardens and neat hedges all add to the charm of being in this vibrant neighborhood. At the right season, Nuwara Eliya is also the perfect place for a hearty game of golf and some action-packed horse racing.

Gently snore the night away in the lullaby of Nuwara Eliya’s soft cool whispering winds.

DAY 04 -Yala

After a morning of lazing and scrounging down fresh country produce by the plateful, it’s time to set your heart towards the breath-taking undisturbed wildlife at Yala.

Then we’ll be continuing the road trip down to the lovely evergreen forests of Yala. Open fields of endless grassy plains and lush thickets of greenery here play home to countless species of truly exotic wildlife. Yala is the place to watch the peacocks dance under silver moonlight, to witness the elephants roam freely and even to see elusive leopards in action. When the day is done, dream the night away in the best of Yala’s accommodations


After you’ve outdone yourself at Kitulgala, it’s high time to treat yourself to some love. The soft sandy beaches of Kalutara awaits your travel-worn spirit. Welcome to the kind of beach you’ve only ever seen in pictures; beautiful Bentota, where turquoise waters lap against a golden ribbon of pristine sand.

Let the waves lull you to sleep as the gentle ocean breeze wafts you into dreamland

DAY 05 – Mirissa

Yawn, hit the snooze and catch a few more winks before breakfast. After breakfast, prance the day with the deer and observe monkeys in their tree-top habitats. Once the Yala safari is done, it’s high time to treat yourself to some love. The soft sandy beaches of Mirissa await your travel-worn spirit. After an evening of kicking up some beach love, it’s time to hit the sack. Let the waves lull you to sleep as the gentle ocean breeze wafts you into dreamland.

DAY 06 - Colombo

Wake up and set off to the metropolis with a full stomach and a full heart. More than just a busy capital, Colombo has plenty of beautiful landmarks and sights to explore. A patchwork of new and old architecture, modern hotel chains and flashy sky scrapers dominate the sky line while the city’s lower reaches bustle with commerce. Museums and sophisticated restaurants dot the more high-end section of the vibrant city, but there are always good bargains to make, great food and surprises to be found in every nook and cranny of the city.

Colombo has any number of international hotel chains and opulent lodgings for you to spend the night in uber-comfort. Fall asleep to the gentle humming of the city beneath you and a stunning view of an impeccable sky line.

DAY 07 - Airport

After a final sumptuous Sri Lankan breakfast, it’s time to head to the airport for your flight back home.